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SKEET’R BEAT’R®  Motorized Screens are the original and trusted technology in insect, sun and privacy control. These highly versatile screens allow you to choose when to have their screens down and when to have them stored away automatically into false headers, valances or external housings. When the screens are lowered there is minimal reduction in ambient light, outward visibility through the screen and air flow.

asset preservation, energy savings, healthy living, comfort and convenience​

The benefits of adding a Motorized Roll-up screens are restricting nature’s creatures (insects, rodents, reptiles, birds, neighbors and their pets, blown leaves, etc.) and elements (cold, wind, rain, harsh sun, etc. and golf balls) entrance through large building openings. They let light and fresh air in and heat and stuffiness out. 

They are operated by electric motors for operational ease and flexibility, 

and compatible with remote control and built in automation for convenience.

Their primary application is where it is not intended to permanently close the opening. That is, they are in place when they are useful for their purpose and rolled-up and protectively stored when not in use - quickly and conveniently, leaving nothing on the floor to catch dirt or trip over.


American Quality Screens Manufacturer Skeet'r Beat'r provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the aluminum housing, drum and vinyl component parts to the original purchaser to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Electronic components, exclusive of remote batteries, are warranted for 7 years. Electric Motors are warranted for 7 years commencing from the date of installation to the original purchaser. American Quality Screens provides a Lifetime limited warranty on Labor of proper installation.

Recently Asked Questions

Deed Restricted Communities:

Using White SUNSCREEN, SKEET’R BEAT’R Motorized Screens are regularly approved for use in communities where deed restrictions prohibit open garage doors. With the screen down and garage door open, the garage becomes cool, lighted and ventilated, where people inside can see out but those outside can not see in. This privacy feature has made SKEET’R BEAT’R Motorized Screens the only approved screens in such deed restricted communities.

Power Failure:

What happens if the power goes off? This question frequently comes up with garage screen customers. The simplest solution to this problem is to upgrade to the manual overdrive model which has hand turn post with detachable handle. Another option is the use of a UPS battery back-up for computers that is continuously charging and automatically takes over to power the screen if the power fails. 

Quality Controls:

This construction process developed over twenty years of manufacturing and field testing experience provides the customer with durability, strength and long life of the moving screen assembly. The benchmark for manufacturing is quality. An independent and autonomous quality control department assures nothing goes out the door unless it is perfect, no matter how many times it has to be remade. 

What kind of warranty:

The highly reliable electric motor/operators used in our screens have a seven year warranty, exceeding most any vehicle, appliance or entertainment equipment warranty anywhere. 

Power and Control:

Generally the only wiring needed to be run is 110 VAC power. And these motor/operators can be remote controlled or fully automated either singly or in groups giving the customer complete control flexibility and convenience. 

Aluminum housing:

The shape of the housing gives it higher strength and smaller profile appearance making it less intrusive upon the architectural appearance of the building. The materials, design and processing of the components of the housing are selected to prolong the appearance and corrosion resistance of the housing as well as the screen components protected within. The unique housing seals are provided to protect the screen fabric an electrical components from damage from crawling and flying creatures

getting inside the housing.

How is the durability:

Powder coat painting of components provides the most scratch, abrasion and corrosion resistance of coatings due to its  hardness and impermeability. This gives the screen excellent appearance over long life, and it does so with least environmental impact. The Alpha motors have 7 year warranty, but are built to last at least 20 years.

More Information

Our products are designed to provide asset preservation, energy savings, healthy living, comfort and convenience by an innovative and revolutionary screen solution for large openings, such as garages, entry doors, entryways, patios, porches, lanais, high-rise balconies and commercial or industrial windows and doors thereby restricting access to

those things detrimental to comfortable living and work. 

These products perform their functions only when necessary. It is the motorization with remote or automatic control that provides this flexibility and convenience.

Our products are unique, precisely engineered and with patent protected designs. Produced by the oldest and most reputable manufacturer of such products for over twenty years. Founded by a graduate engineer with 40 years of electrical and mechanical engineering experience and holder of eighteen patents and trademarks. 

The benchmark for manufacturing is quality. An independent and autonomous quality control department assures nothing goes out the door unless it is perfect, no matter how many times it has to be remade. 

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