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fabric selection

American Quality Screens provides a variety of high quality screen mesh fabrics to serve an array of functions. When choosing your screen fabric there are a few things to keep in mind such as amount of air flow desired, if shade control is needed, what kind of insect barrier, or if weather shield would suit your needs. 

Mosquito Screen Mesh

The Mosquito screen mesh is an 18x14 screen fabric that will match you other screened in areas. Keeps out mosquitoes and natures debris from your living areas. For smaller insects such as No-see-ums the No-see-um mesh would be recommended. Available in charcoal and grey.

No-See-Um Screen Mesh

The No-See-Um screen 20x30 fabric is great for your outside areas where small insects and No-See-Ums are a nuisance. This fabric allows for good ventilation and visibility. Available in Charcoal and Grey.

Super Screen Mesh

Super Screen is a vinyl coated 17x17 mesh fabric. This is a heavy duty screen great for allowing ventilation,  stopping the mosquitoes and giving some privacy to your outside living and entertaining spaces. Available in White and Black.

TW 80 Screen Mesh

The TW 80 is a heavy duty mosquito mesh that is a vinyl thick coated fabric and available in a variety of colors. This durable long lasting fabric will keep out the mosquitoes, provide some privacy and add aesthetic appeal. Available in Charcoal, Grey, Brown, Stucco, Beige, Black/Brown, White.

Nano 95 Screen Mesh

The Nano 95 Screen mesh fabric is a thick heavy duty screen that is 95% fabric. This screen will decrease airflow, provide privacy, sunshade and small insect control. Protect your outside living areas from nature, and control your entertaining spaces environment  with a remote control. Available in Black, Shadow, Stone, Bone, Tobacco, White.

Vinyl Weather Shield

The Weather shield is foul weather gear for your outdoor

room. The Weather shield is a line of motorized roll-up clear marine quality vinyl panels designed to keep out cold wind and rain while still providing a nice night time or daylight view. Typical residential applications are for lanais and porches where protection is needed for tender tropical plants and extended seasonal use in cooler weather or to allow for the space to be used during driving rainstorms.

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