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Patio and lanais

American Quality Motorized Drop Screens are versatile with multiple mounting options which can be installed on all structures new and old. A variety of materials give you many options for shade and or privacy, mosquito protection and multiple color options to accent your exterior or hide the unit by blending in.


Pool Areas

The Motorized roll up screens are not only great for patio screen enclosures or your lanai screens, they are widely used for Garage door screens. With the Skeet'r Beat'r  Motorized Screens there are no floor tracks to collect debris or interfere with the area while the screen is in the rolled up position.


Garage and Industrial

The Hide away Privacy screen also acts as a solar screen, the reflective material bounces the light and heat off and decreases the temperature and the sun glare in your sun exposed areas on demand. You can create a more efficiently cooled areas in the summer where your home has significant sun exposure. Mounting options allows the screens to be placed on the outside of windows and exterior structures to compliment your interior design.


Yellow Jacket

Industrial Screens

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Yellow Jacket Industrial Screens

YELLOW JACKET© Motorized Commercial Screens are destined to become the industry standard for rugged commercial motorized screens! The YELLOW JACKET© is high quality, extra heavy duty, increases privacy with ventilation…and it’s made in America!

The standard YELLOW JACKET© is designed for any large building opening where it is necessary to let light and air in while keeping insects, birds, lizards, animals, dirt and wind blown debris out. It may also be used to restrict access and reduce visibility from the outside while providing shade from the hot sun. The YELLOW JACKET© allows the night shift to work without bugs, birds, and bats flying around inside, and still take advantage of the fresh cool night air!

Screen Material Types

Mesh Screens

Keep the Bugs out with the Mesh Skeet'r Beat'r. Control the comfort of your environment with a push of a button. 

No-See-Um screen available

Solar Sheild

Add shade to your outside living spaces with Solar Shield Screens. Available in an assortment of colors to match the exterior or interior of your home.

Vinyl Weather Shield

Weather Shield is a line of retained marine quality vinyl panels designed to keep out wind and rain or excessive heat and cold. Used during driving rainstorms. They can also offer frost protection for your tender tropical plants!

skeet'r beat'r mesh screens

We use only the best fabrics in performance and long life that the industry can provide. Our meshes and fabrics are woven from vinyl coated fiberglass or polyester yarns.  The vinyl coatings are UV resistant. That means these vinyl compounds are formulated to resist the oxidation and deterioration that is caused by the ultraviolet light in sunshine. The fabric retains its color and strength over a longer period. 

 We have hundreds of weaves and colors available to meet whatever function the screen must perform including insect protection, sun protection, weather protection, pet

resistance and privacy.

Solar Shield Screens

Solar Screens provide Shade and Privacy with a view from the inside out. 

Comfort control at the push of a button. Add shade and keep the mosquitoes out without compromising the breeze or your view.

Protect your assets by better controlling your environment and decreasing the daily sun exposure to your outdoor furnishing.

Solar Screens come in a variety of colors to match the interior or exterior of your home.  

Vinyl Weather Shield

WEATHERSHIELD is a line of retained marine quality vinyl panels designed to keep out wind and rain or excessive heat and cold. Areas enclosed by WEATHERSHIELD can be heated or air-conditioned to provide comfort in any season, while still permitting a near perfect view to the outside.

Typical residential applications include lanais and porches to extend seasonal use in cooler weather, or to allow the space to be used during driving rainstorms. They can also offer frost protection for your tender tropical plants!

The WEATHERSHIELD is a great option for commercial use in exterior areas. Keep the business going and the tables open in your outdoor areas. Benefit from keeping all seating areas open rain or shine, don't let the weather hamper your profits.

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