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Light up the night

Aluminum powder coated adjustable Pergolas are durable and sturdy making it versatile for fitting lighting, retractable side screens or louvred systems for more shade or privacy.

Adjustable Pergolas

This Pergola roof system can be attached to your home or installed as an island in your garden. Unlike the fixed Pergola the aluminum pergola with adjustable slats or bioclimatic pergola adapts to your desires and needs with automatic rain and wind sensors. 

When the adjustable slats are in the closed position you are completely sheltered from the sun or bad weather. This louvred roof system has built-in water drainage system to keep the water flowing out of the area. Long lasting comfort and its remote controlled.

Enjoy the Sun without the Burn

Create that new entertainment space with a streamline maintenance free Adjustable Pergola. The adjustable slats allow you to increase or decrease the sun with a press of the remote control.

•Parallel blades, ideal for a southern exposure.

•Perpendicular blades, ideal for an east or west exposure.

•Robust and silent electric cylinder.

•Flexible opening of the slats to best adjust the amount of sunshine on your terrace.

•The cylinder is fully integrated into the side beam so that it is invisible when the slats are closed.

•Fixing brackets that facilitate installation allow for multiple positioning possibilities.

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